The measures which must be addressed urgently if we are to survive beyond the end of the century are primarily associated with the development and management of energy and water resources.

Now that the worst of the economic disaster has apparently been survived in Australia, there is an increasing awareness of the need to plan sensibly for the future growth of the country, in line with the rest of the world. We cannot support future population growth unless we become less profligate in our consumption of natural resources. We cannot provide an acceptable standard of living in the future unless we develop a more efficient lifestyle.

Coincidentally, as a consequence of this need, we will reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and so we will reduce the production of greenhouse gases.  Whether, or not, you believe that greenhouse gases result in climate change, we must act responsibly, if only to produce a viable economy, with a reasonable standard of living.  This is the essential aim.

Until 2014, the owner of this website published comments upon a wide range of social issues on the website  Where relevant, this information will in future be published on this website, in support of the development of energy control systems.